Tigerland (2000)
The system wanted them to become soldiers. One soldier just wanted to be human.
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Tigerland (2000)
Movies Drama War

30 May 2001 (France) 101 min $26,715 IMDB 7.0   
Actors: Colin Farrell, Matthew Davis, Clifton Collins Jr., Tom Guiry, Shea Whigham, Russell Richardson, Nick Searcy, Afemo Omilami, James MacDonald, Keith Ewell, Matt Gerald, Stephen Fulton, Tyler Cravens, Michael Edmiston, Arian Waring Ash
Director: Joel Schumacher |  Country: USA, Germany |  Language: English
Mpaa: Rated R for violence, pervasive language, a scene of strong sexuality and some drug use
The Plot
In September 1971, a platoon of recruits arrives in Ft. Polk, LA, for infantry training before leaving for war. The final week takes place in Tigerland, a swamp similar to Vietnam. Jim Paxton has enlisted; he wants to experience everything and write books later. He befriends Roland Bozz, a cool Texan with a gift for getting into trouble and for helping misfits get discharges. At least one sociopath in the platoon hates Bozz, even as the sergeants grudgingly recognize his leadership abilities. As the platoon heads into its week in Tigerland, Paxton's body gives out, Bozz makes plans to go AWOL, and the sociopath gets hold of live ammo. Is the Louisiana swamp more dangerous than the DMZ?
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  1. strelec
    1 year, 8 months ago

    katastrofa film od vojni film ni (v) se nevidi vise pricanje nego akcijanisam zadovolan
  2. svetislavpetroviczis
    4 years, 3 months ago

    netipičan film o ratu u Vijetnamu, tj, njegovom kraju gledan sa druge linije (izvan ratnih dejstava)... dobar, pogledati obavezno!

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